We invite artists to exhibit their work in our Online Gallery through our Open Calls. If you want to participate in our show, read the guidelines and complete the submission form.


• 3-5 images of your work attached to the email (Jpeg format). Please name each file with ArtisName_Title.


• Details of the artworks (, title, size, medium and price). The details must be sent in a text file (worddoc, txt, pages, etc.)


• A short text (50 - 120 words) with some information about your work or your background. This text will be featured in the eCatalogues of the exhibition. 

• CV with previous exhibitions


• Your website and social media accounts.




You can find more information in our 'Guidelines' section below. 



A CALL TO ARTISTS is now open for a new group exhibition scheduled to open in January and close in February 2021.


This show will be a virtual exhibition of new and emerging talent, with the theme: IDENTITY.

Artists will be selected and curated by the Aetitud staff.

At least one artist will be offered with a member account and representation contract by Aetitud.



• Submission Deadline: Monday, February 08, 2021

• Notifications (for both accepted and rejected works) will be sent by February 20th, 2021

• Exhibition opening date: March 5th 2021

• Entry Fee: £10

Our team is going through all applications we receive and will curate and select the artists and artworks for the exhibition.

Exhibition includes Virtual Tour, Catalogue, Website page and social media ads and promotion.

The selected artists will receive an email from us with all the necessary information in.

Below you can find some more information about the process but if you have any questions, you can always contact us at


• Artists are free to interpret the theme as they see fit.

• Each artist will have 3-5 artworks on display in the virtual exhibition. 

• Artists from all countries and of all mediums can apply (painting, sculpting, printmaking, photography, installation, video art and more).

• There is no restriction on the size of the artworks. Images must be in good quality, Jpg. Max.5Mb per image.

• Shipping costs not included on the artwork price.



• The works must be available for sale.

• Gallery commission is 35%.

• Price is provided by the artist, but must be in line with other public prices practiced by the artist.

• The works are consigned under exclusivity to Aetitud gallery, for a period of 60 days, counting from the exhibition opening date.

• During the esclusivity 60 days period, if an artwork is sold outside Aetitud Gallery, a comission of 10% must be paid to the gallery, unless a different agreement is made by bouth parts.


All participants will be included in a campaign of online promotion in order to reach new audiences from around the world. Some of the features that the participants will get are the following: 


• Clickable images on display. The viewers will be able to click on the artworks on display and receive more information about the artwork and the artist.​

• e-Catalogues. All the participants will be featured in an e-Catalogue with the images of their work and clickable hyperlinks that will direct the viewers to their website/social media accounts.​

• Social Media. All participants will be featured in our social mediaaccounts. ​

• Newsletter. Each exhibition and all the artists will be featured in our newsletters.

​• One artist will be offered a solo exhibition.

In order to provide the best quality we can, a small fee of £30 will be applied to the artists who will be selected to exhibit in our gallery.

The funds we gather will go towards the needs of the exhibition, such as Graphic Designers, Web Developers and charges that apply for the maintenance of the online space and promotion of the exhibition.