AETITUDE is an online art gallery and agency. The term "AETITUDE" conveys Art, Emergent and Attitude


We are looking to represent emerging and well-known artists, whose artworks reflect the contemporary world, diving deeply into its meaning, dictating, imitating and criticizing urban city lifestyle with its emotions, philosophy and use of power.

We act through digital platforms, like our 3D gallery, social media and website, but also in presential activities such as galleries exhibitions, art fairs, magazine and catalogues distribution, collaborations with architecture and design studios.

Our goal is to help artists show their work and jump from online to physical exhibitions and publics.


Aetitud started as a discussion between a group of people related to art and creative industries, on why there were so many online galleries failing to properly introduce artists and sell artwork and how the promised online revolution in art didn't happen.


From that discussion, 2 persons: one, a designer and web developer working in the UK and the other, a PR and event planner in Portugal, decided to put together a concept and platform that they believe can work as an online gallery. They can be considered the "founders".

For personal and professional reasons both "founders" did not want to appear as the face of the project. Instead they choose to have a gallery director and panel of curators and collaborators, who will work with artists, buyers, galleries and other markets that need artistic intervention like architecture , decoration, public spaces, events, etc., making the online gallery a point of convergence for all those activities.

We are just finalising building our team and soon we will introduce everyone. 

We don't have a country base, as we operate online and with a network of international collaborators, although our primary market is European.

Aetitud is a trademark, not a public company.